TF/CO is constantly on the move, developing award-winning screenplays in collaboration with talented producers, directors, and companies. Here’s a sneak peak at what’s coming soon:


Existing as both a pilot and a screenplay, written by Eric Weber & up-and-coming Haitian-American screenwriter Hasan Oracius, Race Music takes a starstruck white teen from the 50s and jolts him forward to modern day Kansas City where he must team up with an inner city rapper to find his way back home. Together, they fuse two eras of music, bridging a gap that stretches further than that of skin color.

Race Music has placed, or won prizes in roughly a dozen festivals, with the Los Angeles Film Awards raving, “…very well written, keeping the reader intrigued and entertained throughout, with teenage slang and jokes, funny situations and endless conflicts… It's funny and sad, exciting and touching, and most of all, inspiring and thought-provoking.”


Just Juliana is a satirical, character-driven, horror-thriller set in the upper-crust world of the Hamptons. When Juliana, a beautiful stranger mysteriously shows up on Maidstone Beach, she immediately infatuates the tight-knit elite.  But as soon as the elite sniffs she's not quite as glamorous as they thought, Juliana quickly finds herself the victim of savage cruelty.  Not one to take things lying down, Juliana exacts the most grisly, inventive, and satisfying revenge.

Just Juliana has become something of a festival darling, placing highly in - or outright winning over fifteen awards as it makes the rounds through the industry including the Big Apple Film Festival, Buffalo Dreams, and Chautauqua International.

Engineered to be shot on location at a modest budget, yet look and feel incredibly cinematic, "Just Juliana" holds appeal for both genre fans and "higher minded" filmgoers. 

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